What to Include in a Fixed-Term Employment Contract

Fixed term contracts and temporary employment agreements should only be used when there is a genuine short-term need for staff. For retailers, this could mean hiring temps for the festive period, a specialist employee who is required for a project or covering maternity leave. In our previous posts, we’ve compiled general guidance about fixed term contracts and how to renew and terminate them. Now, we’ll focus on the different elements that must be included in the contracts.


Start and end date of the fixed-term employment contract.


The terms and notice period needed for the employer to terminate the contract, as well as those required should the employee resign from their post.


This should include the position title and a general description of the duties that will be carried out by the employee. A more detailed description may be included in the contract as a separate exhibit.

Hours of Work

Details of the hours and days which will be worked by the employee, in addition to the number of hours that can be worked in a week.


Information relating to the pay to be received by the employee. This information can be included as an exhibit separately.

Return of Property

Whenever an employee is given a uniform, products or documents etc. employers should include conditions for the return of these items.

Company Procedures

Note that the employee agrees to comply with the company’s disciplinary code, policies and procedures. The employee may request a copy of company procedures for their own records.

Applicable Law

Detail which laws govern the application of the contract i.e country, state, county.


State in the fixed term contract that no modifications are valid unless put in writing.

Both the employer and the employee must date and sign the contract, with each party taking away a copy. Contracts are an essential piece of employment law. If you require more specific guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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