Tailoring the recruitment process

A negative recruiting experience will leave 4 out of 5 candidates with a prejudicial perception of the employer brand. This prejudicial perception will push them to share the experience with friends and family, refrain from applying for future vacancies and even stop using the company products and services. The recruitment process should be a positive learning experience, regardless of the outcome.

When recruiting for new staff, planning ahead is key. The selection process must comply with a legal duty to promote equality (race, disability, gender).

A selection panel should be formed. A selection panel is a representative group of relevant employees who know the job and its requirements. It is essential that all panels should be trained in recruitment and selection, in addition to being aware of relevant legislation and policies.

The selection panel should plan and agree on the following elements of the recruitment process:

  • Information about your organisation and the job
  • Recruitment channels to be used
  • The content of the advertisement
  • How candidates can respond & apply
  • The methods used to assess & select candidates

Establish a realistic timeline for the completion of each stage in the process. Don’t fall into the trap of fast-tracking the recruitment process simply to get a new person in place quickly. Focus on hiring the person who is right for the job.

Each member of the selection panel should be aware of their role and the tasks that they will be required to carry out. Planning dates and booking facilities in advance is a great way to avoid potential delays.

In summary, a tailored recruitment plan is beneficial to all involved in the process. Candidates should be sourced and encouraged to apply, be fairly assessed, well-informed and professionally managed at every stage. Key stakeholders and decision makers must be engaged, even if this means involving an external source in the process if necessary. A detailed plan with timescales and costs should also be produced.

We understand that not all businesses have the internal resources to cope with organising the hiring process for a new role. If this is an area you would need support in, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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