Social Media Guidelines for Business

Social media is a huge part of our lives, and business owners need to be aware that, regardless of whether your business has an “official” online presence or not, employees can still be talking about what happens in the business online. Having social media guidelines for business use can make it clear to employees what behaviours are expected of them and the potential consequences of disrespecting these guidelines.

Why You Need Social Media Guidelines for Business

Posting about workplace issues, revealing confidential information or other online comments can discredit your business and brand. To protect your business reputation as well as all confidential information, it is important to monitor what is being said online and set out social media guidelines for business use. This can be done in writing to employees to inform them of what is allowed and what isn’t.

The social media guidelines for business could also clarify whether or not social media use is allowed during work hours. If you’re looking to use social media to promote your company culture, staff requires clear guidance in order to effectively communicate.

Social Media Guidelines to Protect Your Business

If your business has social media accounts, make sure to give access to these accounts only to those who need it. Having too many people in control of our social media accounts reduces the control you have over your accounts. Make sure all your employees are also trained in cyber security in order to reduce risks of hacking or malware.

Social media guidelines for business are essential to protect your employees. They will help structure the business online presence so social media guidelines for business can actually contribute towards your business goals in a positive way. Also, like all HR guidelines, they should be clear and consistent for all employees.

What Social Media Guidelines Should Include

Your social media guidelines can include as much or as little information as you want but it is highly recommended that you cover all behaviours and standards you want your employees to follow.

  • General social media guidelines for business use.
  • Guidelines for overall conduct on social media.
  • Online etiquette (the correct and acceptable way of communicating or behaving on the internet).
  • Branding guidelines & how to talk about specific products.
  • How to engage with online audiences.
  • How to react to negative content of comments.
  • Clear accountability for content & comments.
  • Confidentiality of some business assets.

On social media, it is important to clarify who is accountable for their views and opinions. Employees should have “all views are my own” as a disclaimer on their social media profiles.

Make sure that your guidelines lay out any disciplinary actions involved in the break of your code of conduct. Social media guidelines for business don’t have to severely restrict your employees but they should offer an acceptable framework that is consistent.

Many small and medium business don’t think about social media guidelines for business but no matter the size of your business, social media can have a big impact be it positive or negative. Make sure your HR covers social media and online behaviour and that your staff is properly trained to use social media!

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