Promoting Employees: Good Practice

Good practice in staff promotion is essential in cultivating a thriving business. Pitching a promotion at the right time is key. The new role must both challenge an individual whilst remaining within their capabilities. By combining these aspects, promotions can motivate staff and positively influence their performance. A thriving workforce is a productive workforce and this can only mean good things for your business.

Good practice

It is imperative that you identify the correct career stage for an employee to be promoted. Retention strategies must always take note of this. Too early and you risk overwhelming the employee, promote too late and your employee may have already become disengaged. A promotion should renew motivation not hinder it.

Always ensure that your workforce knows what they need to do to be considered for promotion. Keep the selection process open and transparent. By doing this, not only do you give employees a fair chance to meet your requirements but you also give them a better understanding of the reasons for your end decision.

Criteria for Promotion

A successful promotion should not be a stressful experience; for either employers or employees. It should positively build on the training and development of staff and motivate them to reach new goals. One of the best ways to take the stress out of the process is to agree on the success criteria for the promotion beforehand. Success can be based on:

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Technical criteria
  • Behaviour- based competencies.

Ensure that this criterion is clearly communicated to all employees. This gives staff a better chance to meet it. It also provides employers with a clearer framework for objective decision making. It is essential that your chosen criteria are both manageable and focused on the requirements of the role.

Planning can go a long way to ensuring the process of promotion goes smoothly for all involved- never underestimate it. Incorporate these tips for good practice in employee promotion to ensure your business enjoys a thriving and productive future.

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