The importance of a company induction process

When a new employee joins a company, there is always a period of adjustment. It takes time for an employee to settle. Therefore, it may be a while before they are able to operate at full efficiency. However, employers can minimise this delay by building an induction programme into their core hr process.

An induction programme is designed to welcome and prepare new employees for their new responsibilities. It lets them know what is expected of them and demonstrates how to increase productivity by highlighting best practice. Such a programme shortens the learning curve and prompts new employees to start interacting with others.

The induction process need not be formal. However, it does have to be properly planned and executed to ensure that all new employees are treated fairly and receive the same information. Employers could build an induction checklist to make sure that all bases are covered.

The process should present the information in a way that neither overwhelms them nor distracts them from their role. Your staff should get to know their role, not spend excess time trying to grapple with induction material. A buddy system is a great way to prevent this. This way, a more experienced member of staff is paired with the employee to provide help in an informal way. This can help new employees to digest the information and integrate them quicker.

A typical induction programme would include:

  • An employee handbook that covers all company policies and procedures.
  • An organisational chart, as well as an introduction to all staff
  • A tour of the building, pointing out key offices and other items (exits, bathrooms, meeting rooms etc.)
  • Health and Safety information ( and training, if necessary)
  • Guidance on how to complete the day-to-day job (this should take place over a number of days with the help of a trained co-worker)

Inducting new employees has a lot of benefits. It ensures that all new members of staff know what is expected. A good induction process can instil a new employee with more confidence and decrease levels of anxiety. It’s also a great way to minimise the period of time where productivity is lowered. Therefore, results can be delivered sooner.

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