Halloween Special: Interview Horror Stories

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought that we’d do something a big different. We’ve all been left a bit flummoxed by interview questions at some point or other. Many of us have an interview horror story or two to tell. This week, we’ve gathered a few scary (but true!) stories of interviews based on research made by the CV-Library. Here are a few spine-chilling stories from UK recruiters:

  • Interviews can leave a lot of people a bit flustered. One applicant left in such a hurry that they left a shoe behind!
  • One candidate may have taken the saying ‘safety first’ a little too literally. The applicant sat through the whole interview with his motorbike helmet on.
  • It’s always good to know that you can count on your family for a bit of moral support. After all, interviews can be stressful. One interviewee took this to the next level by bringing his parents to the interview and introducing them to his interviewer!
  • An applicant turned up to their interview drunk. After being turned away, they then proceeded to get back into their car only to be escorted home by the police!
  • When asked about a previous job, one candidate proceeded to go on a rant about her old boss. She then discovered that he was a relative of the interviewer!

Interviewers aren’t the only ones with some horror stories to tell. Interviewees also have some chilling tales of their own…

  • A candidate claims to have gone into a room for her interview to be met by an interviewer with his computer hooked up to a projector screen behind him. He hadn’t read the interview beforehand and whilst asking the usual interview questions, the girl noticed something odd. The interviewer had left his projector on, unaware that she could see his computer screen. He had been browsing through Facebook the entire time!
  • One candidate was interviewed by an interviewer who was very sick that day. He had to repeatedly stop the interview to blow his nose and sneeze. He also wept involuntarily the entire time.

Recruiter or candidate, we certainly hope that you won’t have to live similar stories! If your business is looking to recruit staff, why not get in touch to see how we could support you?

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