Best practice to hire seasonal staff for the festive season

As summer is approaching its end, many employers are now starting to plan ahead and assess their staff requirements for the festive season. This is particularly true of the retail industry who often require season workers during this time. Below is our guidance for best practice to help you operate efficiently during this peak business season.

Plan Ahead

It always makes good business sense to plan ahead and act early. Hiring early from the pool of possible season workers can enable you to recruit the best talents with the most potential. It also allows you ample time to conduct the necessary reference checks, which is a vital process for UK employers and to provide training.

Never rely on unemployment levels to assume that there will be a high degree of availability for when you need it. This could cause your managers to hire without too much concern for quality.

Seek positive attitudes

Customers do not discriminate between bad service by full-time members of staff or by season workers. They will judge both the same. So, ensure that all temporary staff are aware of their role in reflecting the brand’s image. Employers must seek to find people with the right temperament.

Your first step should always be to prepare accurate job descriptions and personal specifications for the jobs that you are recruiting for. This half of the work. Secondly, keep in mind that temperament and attitude take precedence over previous experience. Seasonal work requires flexibility and speed, as well as a positive attitude. Training can usually take care of the skill set.

Provide Incentives

Companies would do well to offer some incentives, even for temporary work. Temporary workforces tend to have a high turnover, so it’s important to try and retain your seasonal employees throughout the peak season.

Some examples of incentives can include:

  • Bonuses for staff who fulfil their contractual period and do not walk out in the middle of the peak season.
  • Free or discounted usage of the companies, facilities (merchandise, hotels’ facilities, etc.)
  • Opportunity to participate in training programmes with regular employees.
  • Opportunity to be given a permanent position when recruiting for permanent staff.

Don’t forget to explore various sources when recruiting to see what works for you. Why not allow permanent staff to recommend friends or family members? Or approach temporary workers who have worked for you before. Graduating students in need of cash also often look for seasonal roles. Utilise the tips above to recruit a premier seasonal workforce who will help your firm to thrive during the peak season.

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