The Biggest Payouts of 2015

Employment rights are not to be taken lightly. Although tribunals generally award claimants four-figure sums, this doesn’t mean that figures do not rise beyond this. Discrimination cases can run into six figures as the employers below found out. The following list details cases in 2015 where the claimant was awarded a six-figure sum.

  1. Tirkey v Chandok and another

A claimant who brought a caste discrimination was awarded a total of £267,537.

  1. Gilmore and others v Vodafone

5 Vodafone employees who were dismissed after complaining about their commission scale received £264,349.

  1. Turner vs DHL Services Ltd and another

The claimant was awarded £257,127 when the tribunal ruled that an employer did not provide any support for the employee whilst on leave as a result of work-related stress.

  1. J v H Ltd

The mother of a disabled child was awarded £251, 460 after a panel ruled that her redundancy was badly handled.

  1. Marcelin v Hewlett Packard Ltd.

After facing disciplinary action over his refusal to consent to the release of a medical report, a claimant was awarded £239,913 on the ground of disability discrimination.

  1. Sardari and another v South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and another.

A senior NHS manager who raised concerns about a biased recruitment process was subjected to a detrimental working environment after making a protected disclosure. She was then awarded £228,778 by an employment tribunal.

  1. O’ Sullivan v London Underground Ltd.

In the event of a successful claimant’s death, the sum is transferred to the claimant’s estate. This was the case in the above tribunal when a deceased London Underground worker was awarded £223,869 on the grounds of disability discrimination.

  1. A v S

An employee whose battle with chronic fatigue syndrome was poorly handled by her employer was awarded £192,656.

  1. Nishioka v C&S Shops Ltd.

A financial officer who was suspended and summarily dismissed after raising accounting concerns was awarded £184,741 in a tribunal.

  1. Asare-Brown v Mortgage 27 Ltd.

An employer that admitted that it constructively dismissed a web designer after non-payment of wages was required to pay £130,702.

Further information on these cases can be found in their law reports.

Although such payouts are not the norm, it is important to note that they do happen. Discrimination cases can be costly for firms- especially small businesses.

Average, median and maximum payouts for unfair dismissal & discrimination claims (2014 – 2015):

Maximum Award

Median Award

Average Award

Unfair Dismissal




Race Discrimination




Sex Discrimination




Disability Discrimination




Religious Discrimination




Sexual Orientation Discrimination




Age Discimination






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